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Discover ZStore! The Ultimate Platform for Rahmah Packages and Amazing Food Vouchers!

The best e-payment gateway, the ZCITY app promises users an outstanding and unique experience. From the convenience of paying water, electricity, or even summonses and internet bills, the app also helps users save through extraordinary Rahmah packages unlike any other!

The ZCITY app isn't just another mobile app on your smartphone that you need to open only occasionally. In fact, it might be one of your favorite apps, deserving attention every day to ensure you can achieve double savings and joy while shopping.

Tap into Zstore for a Stylish Shopping Experience

Becoming a ZCITY member means opening opportunities to manage your finances and shop more wisely.

With just one single 'tap' on the Zstore icon in the ZCITY app, you'll be amazed at the variety of attractive packages offered at prices that are truly worthwhile and beneficial.

Maximize Savings with Rahmah Package

Have you heard about the Rahmah Umbrella Initiative implemented by the Government, primarily to provide financial aids to the B40 group affected by the high cost of living these days? In response to the Government's call, Zstore has developed an innovative and unique strategy with various Rahmah packages. These not only provide options for purchasing food and drinks but also include other essentials like:

  • - Topping up your Touch 'n Go or Boost eWallet

  • - Vouchers for bill payments

  • - Petrol e-Vouchers

  • - Grab or Foodpanda vouchers; and much more

In simpler terms, it can be likened to a 5-in-1 package, or even a 7-in-1 package, where you, as a user, can choose, mix, and match according to your needs and preferences, all at very affordable prices.

Imagine paying only RM100 for the purchase of 1 Rahmah Package, and you'll receive a variety of valuable items:

  • 1. Touch 'n Go or Boost eWallet reload pin worth RM30.

  • 2. Bill payment voucher, Shell petrol e-Voucher, or Grab Ride e-Voucher worth RM20.

  • 3. Selected food & beverage voucher worth RM10.

  • 4. Selected food voucher for Foodpanda or GrabFood worth RM20.

  • 5. Zcoins valued at RM30.

  • 6. ZUS Coffee voucher worth RM30 (RM10 x 3).

  • 7. Rahmah Zcoupon worth RM2.

***Please note that the products included in the Rahmah packages are subject to availability. ZCITY reserves the right to substitute other products if necessary.

What's even more beneficial is that with every purchase of any Rahmah package, you'll receive Zcoins rewards, a certain amount of them. This helps you get discounts or savings on your next purchases within the ZCITY app.

Premium Store

Known as Zmember previously, the Premium Store now offers more benefits and exclusive deals to those who opt for it. Premium Store members get to enjoy incredible discounts on a variety of products and services. These discounts are your ticket to savings, ensuring you get the best deals every time you shop.

Typically, you need to pay much lower, considering the benefits and rewards offered. From the Bonanza package to the Prime package, you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences and then proceed to pay at the stated price.

With packages ranging from RM199 to as low as RM49, you can receive:

  • - Touch 'n Go (TnG) / Boost e-Wallet reload pin

  • - Bill payment vouchers

  • - e-Vouchers worth

  • - Food vouchers

  • - Zcoins

You might be wondering, what's the difference between the Premium Store and the Rahmah package? The answer is simple. The Rahmah package offers a more budget-friendly option, still valuable for users. On the other hand, the Premium Store might be slightly costly, but the benefits provided are undoubtedly more substantial.

Special Promotion for A Limited Time

Is your morning feeling slack without a cup of ZUS coffee? That's a sign you need to 'tap' your finger into the 'Limited Special Offer' section in Zstore.

For instance, by paying only RM150, you can instantly receive a ZUS e-Voucher worth RM180!

Fret not! Your e-voucher options aren't limited to ZUS Coffee. You can also grab e-vouchers for a variety of your favorite brands, including llao llao yogurt ice cream, Tealive, Black Whale, and many more. And to top it off, you're guaranteed to pay less for these e-vouchers than their original prices.

Frozen Food & Snack

Source: Freepik / mdjaff

Frozen food is the most convenient and time-saving solution for a quick dinner when you get home, especially after a long day at work and being stuck in traffic for several hours.

At Zstore, users can explore a variety of brands and types of frozen foods worry-free, ensuring the safety and quality of the products.

With collaborations with major Asian frozen food producers, such as Kawan, Fisherprice, and KG Pastry, users can easily choose their preferred meals in one platform.

Additionally, users can 'tap' or click on the snacks section if they're looking for the best treats to enjoy while working, watching TV at home, or chatting with friends!

Note: Some products from specific brands may contain non-Halal ingredients, so checking carefully before purchasing is advisable.

Food Vouchers

Zstore also provides a food voucher purchase feature for many popular brands such as ZUS Coffee, llao llao, Secret Recipe, KFC, and more.

Starting from as low as RM5, Zstore users on the ZCITY app can choose according to their taste preferences while enjoying Zcoins rewards immediately upon purchasing these food vouchers.

The higher the value you pay, the more Zcoins rewards you qualify for!

enogy Health Products

We at Zstore also value your well-being! That is why we provide you with top-notch enogy health products to improve the well-being of your body and eyes.

With attractive package offers and discounts, users can effortlessly purchase the finest enogy health products online. Simply apply the available promo codes during checkout to enjoy these premium offerings at a reduced price.

In addition to your purchase, you'll also qualify for more Zcoins, which can be used for subsequent purchases/payments on the ZCITY app.

Download the ZCITY app now, and let's explore Zstore to discover more deals!

As of today, the ZCITY app has garnered more than 2.66 million registered users who seek to enhance their shopping experience cost-effectively.

Zstore, one of the app's standout features, will assist you in accessing a variety of attractive packages at unbelievably reasonable prices!

Download the ZCITY app today and get ready to explore, shop, and enjoy the rewards that await you!

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