Make a Cashless Donation to Kentang Charity via the ZCITY app

As the late Notorious B.I.G. once rapped, “mo’ money, mo’ problems”, but that doesn’t mean on ZCITY you have to turn those extra money/rewards into any issue. All those extra Zcoin, discounts in Rewards on Rewards, cash rebates, hot deals and promotional savings earned from all the online shopping can be put to good use for other people who are in need.

Kentang Charity, the brainchild of Kuan Chee Heng has been involved in many charitable works such as food and pre-loved items distributed for the needy, lodging for the poor, and even helping with the poor folks from all faiths’ funeral arrangements. Often only charging a token sum for as low as 10 cents to preserve the dignity of recipients.

Now, with the collaboration of ZCITY with Kentang Charity, they have recently established a charitable program to open its door wider to anyone who wishes to help out via the “We Heart You” program, to be eligible for cash payment.

You can make a cashless donation or apply for help from the program which 100% of the donation funds will go to Kentang Charity to further assist in their mission to help the poor.

In order to strongly support businesses and charities as well, all you need to do is to download the ZCITY app now. It'll offer you a chance to give back to the community in an easy and convenient way. Plus, you can receive reward points instantly based on your donation amount.

How do you make e-donation via ZCITY?

1. Tap on the “Charity” icon
3. Press on the “DONATE” button
4. Fill in your particular details (name & contact number)
5. Select your donation amount to be given and payment method.


For your information, ZCITY is a safe bill payment app which allows you to reap multiple rewards while spending and paying with ZCITY. Also, not to forget, all the amazing rewards you’ll be getting too!

Interested to do your part to help those in need and donate? Visit: