Earn Rewards by Referring to a Friend

Sharing is caring so there’s all the more reasons to earn rewards simply by just referring to a friend about ZCITY. The more you refer, the better the chances of you earning great points!

What do I get if I refer a friend(s)?
Your friend will receive a total RM5 cash voucher and RM3 bill payment voucher when they download and register with ZCITY app. It’s an awesome deal!

Steps to a simpler way to get rewarded:
Step 1: Go to "User center" on your ZCITY app and tap on "Referral QR Code".
Step 2: Share your referral code or copy the invitation link over to your friend.
Step 3: And you're done! Rewards will automatically be credited into your ZCITY account with every successful referral transaction.

After you’ve successfully shared your referral code to your friend, once he/she starts spending via the ZCITY app, you are instantly entitled to spend at any Zmerchants @ Bill Payment by using a selected voucher.

If you want to receive more rewards for yourself, it’s also mission POSSIBLE!
You can receive up to RM 2.5 with every successful referral which only means the more you refer, the more you get rewarded. Simple and easy!

To recap, when you refer to a friend, they will receive RM3 bill payment voucher, RM5 cash voucher, on top of the 200 rewards points! This is to be used for discounts in subsequent payment transactions. Don’t forget to refer to your friends for your personal rewards tapped back into your account, that’s what we do essentially, killing two birds with one stone ;)

Besides that, you can also accumulate your love for online shopping at any merchant and spice up your e-payment gateway to easier facilitate your ZCITY user experience. You’ll get to adopt the earn more lifestyle with just a click of a button through this rewarding mobile app! Nothing spell efficiency than ZCITY!

Also, Rugi Kalau Tak Zap for every transaction done. Claim from Zcoins, discounts and promotions to Rewards on Rewards, bonuses and cash vouchers - all while keeping in mind that there is absolutely no credit top-up or bind-up of card number required.

Download ZCITY now to unlock endless rewards, as well as devoted to linking consumers and merchants together for a happier community!

View full details of ZCITY Refer & Earn: https://zcity.io/referafriend.html

Full list of Zmerchant, visit:https://zcity.io/fb.html