Why Tazte

Business Transformation From Traditional To Digital

Currently in beta, ZCITY's Tazte Smart F&B System, will provide merchants with a one-stop automated solution to digitalize their business. It will offer an innovative and integrated technology ecosystem that addresses and personalizes each merchant's technological needs and will be at the forefront of creating a smart consumer experience, thereby eliminating conventional and outdated standalone point of sale (or "POS") system.

Tazte will allow merchants to effortlessly record transactions with online payment or QR digital payment technology, set discounts and execute RP redemptions and rewards online, all via our ZCITY App. It utilizes ZCITY App's CRM analytics software to attract and retain consumers through personalized, data-driven engagement to generate greater profitability.

Tazte Smart F&B System will also feature a ‘Deviceless Queue System' that reduces staff headcount and a private domain delivery service that will allow merchants access to multiple dedicated delivery partners to ensure outstanding delivery service to consumers.