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About Kentang Charity

A real hero in folk, Uncle Kentang has made a lot of contribute to the community. Except distribute food, lodging and funeral service to needy; his most well-know community work which are 10 Sen Pasar, 10 Sen Ambulance service and the 10 Sen Van Jenazah initiative.

Our Mission

Provide a convenient donation platform for donors and support communities with lower economic incomes.

Donate your love through ZCITY FAST, SECURE, CONVENIENT

ZCITY & KENTANG CHARITY is now collaborate on the donation to expand for community contribution. User can make cashless donation via ZCITY app or apply funds support through the program. Every single donation funds will 100% transfer to Kentang Charity.


Secure & Convenient

Donate your love through ZCITY app and every single donation funds will 100% transfer to Kentang Charity.

Cashless donation

You can make cashless donations easily anytime, anywhere.

You can make a difference

Users can donate any amount they wish directly via ZCITY to Kentang Fund.

Earn reward points

You receive reward points instantly based on your donate amount.

5 easy way to donate via ZCITY

Step 1
Tap “Charity” icon

Step 2

Step 3
Tap “Donate”

Step 4
Fill in your name & contact number

Step 5
Fill in donate amount & select payment method

Video Guide

ZCITY x Kentang Charity Food Donation

We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Thanks to the team of Kentang Charity for always providing help and support directly to those in need.

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