Introducing the all new ZCITY membership program, Zmember

Enjoy exclusive privilege Rewards and Great savings when you subscribe as Zmember

Join the Smart Spending Program at ZCITY

Z0 Member benefits

worth MYR 115

5,000 + 1,500

Zcoins worth RM65


e-Voucher (x5)


Bill payment voucher (x5)


Member Referral Bonus

Z0+ Member

Become a Zmember+ & get worth RM250 benefits

10,000 + 5,000

Zcoins worth RM150

MYR 10

e-voucher (x2)

MYR 20

Member Referral Bonus
(RM5x4 voucher)

MYR 10

Family Mart Cash Voucher (x3)

MYR 10

Bill payment voucher (x5)

Why Zmember

Zbuddies Z0 Z0+
Zcoins 200 6,500 15,000
e-voucher - RM25 RM20
Bill Payment voucher RM3 RM25 RM50
Family Mart Cash Voucher - - RM30
Member Referral Bonus - RM5 Refer Z0: RM5
Refer Z0+: RM20
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How to subscribe

Homepage tap on “Zstore”

Tap on Country

Select the Zmember Activation Package you wish to subscribe

Tap on “Buy Now”

Tap on “Shopping Cart”

Tap on “Pay”

Tap on “Select Payment” choose your preferred payment method, then tap on “Submit”

Congratulations, your registration is successfully completed

FAQs ZMember

You can save up to RM 150 by using our Zcoins

You can get 5 times discount (total RM 25) for e-Vouchers.
You can get 5 times discount (total RM 25) for Bill Payment Vouchers.

You can get 2 times discount (total RM 20) for e-Vouchers.
You can get 5 times discount (total RM 50) for Bill Payment Vouchers.
You can get 3 times discount (total RM 30) for FamilyMart Cash Vouchers.

Vouchers will auto assign to your account and vouchers validity is for 6 months start from the date of activation.

Z0: You can earn RM 5 Cash Voucher from every referred Z0 Member.
Z0+: You can earn RM 20 (RM5x4) Cash Voucher from every referred Z0+ Member.

* T&C Apply