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Enhancing the ePayment Gateway Experience in 5 Easy Steps

According to an article by The Edge Markets, Malaysia saw 233.6 million electronic money transactions worth RM5 billion in November 2021, the highest monthly figureThe rise in epayments brings about the need for an online since 2016. This is a plausible figure as more Malaysians are switching to e-wallet platforms for convenient and highly secure e-payment facilities.

With the increase in online purchases, business owners also need to make the e-payment gateway experience as user-friendly as possible. So, here’s everything you need to know about e-payment gateways and how you can enhance them.

What is an ePayment Gateway?

An e-payment gateway is a mechanism that reads and transfers payment information from a customer to a business’s bank account. When integrated with the e-commerce platform, it is devised as a channel to make and receive payments.

Why Do Businesses Need an ePayment Gateway?

ePayment gateways are essential for any online business that wants to accept payments online. They pass the financial data around to involved parties to authorise payments and easily transfer money from a customer to a business.

How to enhance the ePayment Gateway Experience in 5 Easy Steps

1. Keep customer’s information safe and secure

According to Visa’s Consumer Payment Attitude Booklet, Southeast Asian consumers prefer safe and dependable shopping experiences with payment technologies like a secure payment gateway. Therefore, payment security should be the highest priority when selecting an e-payment gateway provider.

With the growing number of online businesses worldwide, it is essential to be aware of the mandatory security measures for e-payment gateway systems so that businesses can prevent fraud. For example, businesses should equip their e-payment gateway with security tools like the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to enhance their website security.

Even better, businesses can take advantage of an e-payment gateway provider that comes with stringent security protocols in place, like ZCITY.

2. Offer a wide range of payment methods

You should make the buying process for your customers as convenient as possible to increase conversions and sales. According to the Payment Methods Report 2021, many online consumers give up on a purchase if they can’t use their preferred payment option. Therefore,it’s crucial to provide as many payment options as possible.

If your business provides services locally and globally, your e-payment gateway should be flexible in payment options. Your customers should have a wide range of options like bank transfer, credit and debit card, and more. You could also include supporting features such as loyalty rewards, redemptions and promotions.

Another essential factor to note is that your e-payment gateway will impact your website’s efficiency. Be sure to find out if the chosen payment gateway supports electronic invoicing, all payments types, and other features like sending text or email reminders for customers.

3.Provide a seamless e-payment gateway experience

Customers prefer a simple, yet secure e-payment gateway. Having a single checkout page with an option to enter the OTP/ PIN or a smooth transition to payment approval and order confirmation is key for a great e-payment gateway experience.

Here are three other features you can incorporate into your website.

- Do not require site visitors to create an account before they can pay, as it may reduce your site’s conversion rate. Buying a product without creating an account is a simpler and more streamlined pathway.

- Keep your information requests minimal. Only ask for the essentials and keep the payment process as simple as possible to maximise payment completion.

- Allow your regular customers to save their card details. All they have to do is provide the necessary details and confirm their identity to complete the order. You’re saving valuable time not just for your customer but also for your business.

4. Have a mobile-friendly e-payment gateway

As more users switch to shopping online, businesses must have a mobile checkout flow optimised for mobile devices. It is vital to make the buying process easy for mobile users to access your products or services.

Attention to detail and incorporating user-centred UI elements are some factors you can consider to boost your customer’s experience. If your online store’s payment process is too complex to carry out on a tiny screen, your customers will go elsewhere.

Here are three easy ways to optimise your customers’ mobile experience.

- Remove any unnecessary obstacles that may hinder the users from accessing the cart.

- Make it easy for users to change the contents of their shopping cart.

- Allow users to access their carts across their desktop, smartphone, and mobile apps

5. Use third party e-payment gateway providers

Payment gateway providers allow you to place the e-payment gateway directly on your website to make the payment process much smoother for customers. Third-party e-payment gateways are an excellent investment, especially if your business has a high transaction volume.

However, business owners need to note that because the purchases are made on your website, you will need to encrypt all information coming from your site. This can be easily done by acquiring an SSL certificate.

Having an onsite e-payment gateway also appears more professional and convenient, and there are many providers, like ZCITY, that offer all these features.

Trust ZCITY As Your Epayment Gateway

Businesses need to have a platform that lets customers make payments through a reliable channel. That’s why we have ZCITY.

Transform and simplify your e-payment gateway experience with ZCITY. This platform not only offers instant rebate and cashback programmes but also advocates to help everyone enjoy multiple rewards while giving back to the community. Members and merchants get to enjoy affiliate cashback programmes too.

Discover howZCITY can help you enhance your e-payment gateway experience, or download the ZCITY app to enjoy great deals, more earnings and brilliant rewards! The ZCITY app also lets you generate reward points for users to enjoy an immediate discount when they make any payment via the app.


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