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F&B Management System: 6 Benefits of Going Digital

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, local businesses continue to be significantly impacted. Many businesses, especially those within the F&B industry in Malaysia, are embracing new business strategies to remain operational.

The food industry in Malaysia is undergoing dynamic change. A report by Flanders Investment and Trade found that the pandemic has triggered food and beverage retailers to embrace digital tools. Embracing the digital era will be critical to improving business sustainability and operational efficiency.

There are many ways a restaurant owner can implement digital practices, such as installing automated menus and a digital F&B management system for day-to-day operations. As automated technology continues to grow in the food and beverage industry in Malaysia, discover how a digital F&B management system can benefit restaurant owners.

6 Benefits of a Digital F&B Management System

When managing a restaurant, the tasks are never ending. This is where a digitalised F&B management system comes in handy. By adopting digital solutions, restaurant owners can sustain and identify new revenue streams for their business operations.

Here are six reasons why a digitalised F&B management system is a must-have in the F&B industry.

1.Improve operational efficiency

The digital transformation of the F&B industry has changed how daily operations are managed. For example, a digital F&B management system helps to monitor real-time data, optimises efficiency, improves production, improves quality & compliance, and more.

1. Order Management:

Not only does this feature reduce human error, customers can receive their orders faster and in an organised manner. Additionally,it prevents any confusion caused by illegible handwriting.

By going digital, businesses are prepped with the tools needed to deal with any issues that may arise in the present and also in the future. Moreover, restaurant owners will be able to identify and resolve issues in their current system to achieve peak performance.

2. Increase food safety

When dealing with food, it is essential to find a balance between an adequate supply of stock and minimal food wastage. With a digitalised F&B management system, it can track real-time demand and prepare accurate forecasts. Restaurant owners can use this information to help make decisions when altering the food inventory to minimise costs.

3. Increased profits and revenue

Implementing new digital solutions can be very costly and could take a while to produce a measured return on investment.

However, by going digital, restaurant owners gain information from every aspect of their business operations and more. A faster ROI analysis enables them to gain and access immediate information to optimise their business.

4. Accurate and immediate data collection

By implementing a digitalised F&B management system, restaurants can eliminate the inaccuracies, delays and lost data that occurs when using outdated and analogue recording processes.

What’s more, these digital integrations also speed up the data collection process, importing the results to the restaurant’s central database in real-time so that restaurant owners can act based on the most up-to-date facts and figures.

5. Better communication

When an F&B management system communicates seamlessly, it reflects in your customer communication, whether it’s through step-by-step order tracking, recall notifications or customer service. Moreover, with all staff members accessing the same updated data, it greatly improves internal cooperation and streamlines customer communications.

6. A better understanding of customers

For most businesses, limiting physical contact was a priority during the pandemic. However, by digitalising their F&B management system, restaurants could still understand their customer's preferences even without their physical presence.

2. Protection against internal thefts

An F&B management system can collect consumer data, which companies use to better personalise what their customers see when ordering from them. Tazte, for example, utilises AI technology to monitor its customer's tastes and food preferences. And since restaurants know what their customers want, they can upsell their items more effectively, resulting in a higher average order value.

How to Successfully Adopt Digital Transformation?

From cost inflation to increasing demands, the F&B industry in Malaysia has suffered from a series of challenges during the pandemic. Tazte is here to help restaurants embrace digital transformation and technology adoption.

ZCITY's very own food and beverage platform and business automation service, Tazte enhances the food ordering experience for both customers and food merchants.

Customers can now order via dine-in, takeaway and drive-through and, with AI technology, get recommended menus based on their individual preferences. With Tazte, customers can also connect with other food lovers through the app that suggests, pairs and provides food reviews amongst people with similar food preferences.

As for merchants in the food and beverage industry in Malaysia, Tazte provides much-needed solutions to address issues faced with purchasing, operation and management. The Tazte app will help merchants skyrocket their profits and manage their business optimally with business automation.


Digitisation is a growing trend in the F&B industry. From automated systems to seamless mobile and web experiences, there are numerous ways a restaurant owner can implement automation practices. Therefore, start by evaluating the inefficiencies in your management, explore the right technology for your business, and move towards embracing business automation.

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